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Flying the Bantam  

By Bill Rusk


Mark Marino was kind enough to let me fly the Bantam this year.  I must say I was very impressed.  The aircraft flies like a Hatz which is to say very well indeed.  

It has less adverse yaw than a CB-1, in fact, you can fly it feet on the floor.  It took a while for me to quit skidding around turns as I was trying to add rudder where none was needed.  I was concerned that the shorter fuselage was going to cause a loss of stability about the vertical axis and that it would exhibit Dutch roll tendencies and a general laziness in yaw.  It is at least as stable as a CB-1 and better than most Classics that I have flown.  The roll response was excellent even with ailerons on the lower wing only.  The overall control harmony is just like a standard Hatz...excellent.  

The Jabiru engine is quite strong and it has nearly the performance of the Warner Hatz.  Ground manners are straight forward and on par with the standard that all planes are judged against, the venerable J-3 Cub.  Even though it is shorter coupled than a Cub, it is a piece of cake to land with absolutely no bad manners.  Cockpits are full size and well thought out.

In short, this is yet another great Hatz and it gives absolutely nothing away by its smaller stature.  Light Sport or not, it would be a pleasure to own and fly.

Bill Rusk grew up building and flying models, control line, free flight and RCs.  His first job was working in a hobby shop.  Graduating from the University of Houston, Bill flew for the USAF for 9 years and was a F-16 and T-38 instructor.  His civilian ratings include CFI, CFII, CFIG, MEI, and he gives tail wheel instruction.  He is a captain for SWA.  With over 18,000 hours total time, he has flown over 70 different tail draggers and 12 different Hatz.