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Engine Options

Jabiru 3300

Engine options are always a point of discussion with builders.  

The Jabiru 3300, UL Power UL350iS or Continental O-200D all have their pros and cons.   With the Jabiru 3300, a builders can have a "sporty" look with great performance and good useful load.

teledyne o 200d.jpg (39833 bytes)   UL350-view3.jpg (209402 bytes)

Continental O-200D  and UL Power UL350iS

For a maximum performing Hatz Bantam, the UL Power 130 hp engine may be just the answer.  This engine weighs even less than the Jabiru 3300 120 hp.  We are in the process of adapting the firewall forward to fit a fully cowled UL Power UL350iS 130 hp (172 lbs.) and Continental O-200D 100 hp (only 20 lbs. heavier than the Jabiru) on the new wider airframe.  It has become clear that many pilots want an alternative engine to the Jabiru.  We expect the New Bantam to have great performance with these new engine options. 

scarlett-7u-600x600.jpeg (105525 bytes)

Verner Scarlett 7U

The Verner 7 cylinder offers a vintage biplane look for builders.  The weight of 180 lbs and the maximum power of 124 hp works well with the framework of the Bantam.  We are developing a firewall forward for the Radial Bantam to be completed in 2021.  Check out the Radial Bantam Gallery.