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The Hatz Bantam is an evolution of the Hatz CB-1 Biplane designed by John Hatz in the late 1960s.  It has been modified to use the Jabiru 3300 120 hp. engine.  To balance the plane with the lighter 180 lb. engine, the CB-1 design was lightened and dubbed the "Bantam".  The empty weight of the Hatz Bantam has been reduced to approximately 780 lbs.  Setting the gross weight at 1,320 lbs. gives the Bantam a useful load of 540 lbs and will qualify it to be a "Light Sport" aircraft.

Without changing the relative position of the propeller with an O200 engine, as per plans page 26, changes in the Bantam include:

     (1)  Tail group from Sta. 6 aft (horz. stab., elevators, vert. fin, tail wheel etc.) at over thirty lbs. has been moved forward 4 inches.

     (2)  Wings are moved 1-1/2" aft.

     (3)  Fuel tank has been relocated from the center section to the forward fuselage below the longerons between Sta. 1 & 2, similar to a J-3 Cub.

     (4)  Each wing panel is 12" shorter.

     (5)  Ailerons are on the lower wings only.

     (6)  Wing ribs and bracing are pressed aluminum. 

Using state of the art technology, many new parts have been designed for production using AutoCAD drawings in conjunction with water jet, and CNC milling and turning.  Our goal is to make these parts, and eventually kits, available to Hatz builders.  Some parts are interchangeable with any model of Hatz and others are specific to the Bantam.

The prototype Hatz Bantam, N. American Flyer, rolled out August of 2005.

Bantam Oshkosh 012.jpg (569093 bytes)

Hatz Bantam


HatzCB-1_1.jpg (17352 bytes)

Hatz CB 1
Dale Severs





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The Hatz Bantam developer, Mark Marino, values the heritage of the Hatz biplane.  John Hatz was an A & P mechanic based in Merril, Wisconsin.  He admired the WACO biplane and designed the Hatz CB-1 with similar lines and curves.

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